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Staffordshire Pink

10mm & 20mm


  • Staffordshire Pink Gravel provides a wonderful mix of red, greys and pink finish. Which will transform the regular boring driveway into a colourful stylish look.
  • Staffordshire Pink Gravel is a rounded product therefore it has no harsh edges and is perfect for a driveway, especially if children might be playing on it aswell.
  • We sell 1 tonne bags of 10mm and 20 mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel, 20 kg bags for finish edges and we can also arrange for large bulk loads to be delivered.


  • At 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep, 1 ton will cover an area of approximately 30 square metre's.
  • Consider a white membrane sheet under the Staffordshire Pink Gravel to prevent any weeds from growing through.
  • Decorative gravels are an easy way to transform any driveway and add significant value to property. Staffordshire Gravel is a great choice for driveways, pathways and finishing borders.


Staffordshire Gravel


Gravel and Slate

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Gravel and Slate
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Please note colours may vary from photos depending on the quarry used you can purchase a sample to check colours before purchasing


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